Working With Us : Local Contractors and Service Providers

Benefits to our Clients

PMMS maintains a list of local Approved Contractors across London and surrounding counties.

This approach of working with smaller firms local to your building, as opposed to working with national facilities management companies, requires additional PMMS management effort and monitoring.

In our experience, this effort is worthwhile as it provides a number of benefits:

  • local firms respond more quickly, and being local do not need to charge for travel
  • local firms work for PMMS in their local area, so in time they get to know your building
  • local firms know suppliers in their area, saving time and money when working on your site
  • local firms price more competitively, keeping your service charges down

We monitor their performance and your satisfaction to ensure they maintain a high standard of work for all our clients.

Furthermore, PMMS does not charge contractors a fee to be on our Approved Contractors list, so there is no conflict of interest. We manage all work on your behalf for best quality and price at all times.

This approach contributes to the excellent condition of buildings under PMMS management.

New PMMS Clients

When new clients put buildings under our management, and contractors are not already in place or you are dissatisfied with them, we will:

  • approach contractors from our Approved Contractors list with a good track record and references
  • if you, the client, nominate a particular contractor we will vet them and add them to our Approved Contractors list
  • request 2 or 3 competitive quotes for your requirements

You, the client, will make the final selection.

Service Providers and Contractors Working With PMMS

We welcome approaches by firms wishing to work on PMMS managed buildings across London and surrounding counties.

There is no charge to be on our Approved Contractors list, but you will require proof of insurances and references.

For the record, we will pay any client approved invoices within 7 days of receipt. In return we expect a high quality of workmanship and good communication from receiving our job ticket through to completion.

Contractors and Service Providers wishing to join PMMS Approved Contractors list must complete the Contractor Questionnaire and provide supporting information.

Please complete the Request Questionnaire Form on this page. After initial review, we can send you our Contractor Questionnaire for completion.

Contractor Questionnaire Request

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