Service Charge Accounts: Focus On Transparency & Minimise Fluctuations

PMMS Accounts Team provides:

  • Monthly Bank Statements to Directors to underpin transparency of your accounts
  • Long term Planned Maintenance Programme (PMP) prepared in consultation with you
  • Annual Budgets includes PMP helping to minimise fluctuations in your Service Charge
  • Service Charge bill issued to Property Owners and collected
  • Excellent Service Charge arrears collection record
  • Handle all bills and settle them on behalf of the RMC
  • Annual Service Charge Accounts professionally prepared

The PMMS Accounts team provides clear and accurate budget and accounting information throughout the year on all the properties under PMMS management. In particular, Service Charge Accounts are prepared each year for each development, and can be certified by independent chartered accountants.

A Budget of annual costs is prepared for approval by the client before the service charge is set. The service charge demand is issued to residents and collected, with arrears or problems reported to the client.

The PMMS accounts team will handle all invoices and bills, and settle them on behalf of the client. The client will always be consulted on large or unusual invoices.

All service charge funds are held in trust with Barclays Bank Ltd in separate interest-bearing accounts where any interest is credited to that account. The Bank is not entitled to combine the account with any other, nor can it exercise any right of set-off or counter-claim against the funds in that account in respect of sums owed by any other entity related to PMMS.

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