Residential Lighting

Safety, security, reliability and cost-efficiency are the key requirements of any lighting system for the public areas in and around property.

Recent years have seen major advances in Residential Lighting, with a vast range of good-looking, efficient and environmentally friendly lighting options now available, many of them produced by British companies.

To take full advantage of this new wealth of choices, anybody making decisions about Residential Lighting – from trusts and private landlords to management companies and local councils – should consider their requirements carefully and be firm in their demands.

Buying off the peg is no longer the best option — or even the cheapest.  Top-end  modern designs are frequently the most energy-efficient and reliable, as well as being the easiest to maintain and repair, all of which can bring real cost savings in the long term.

It is best to commission a bespoke solution using high-spec fittings from a lighting specialist who understands what you are looking for.

They will be able to offer a full package incorporating design; choice of equipment including cabling, fitments, timers and control panels; installation and maintenance.

This will transform your lighting provision, whether for a new development or for a property that needs upgrading. Backed up by a 5-year guarantee, you will benefit from top-quality, innovative lighting with full control over present and future costs.

PMMS Ltd, through its extensive industry contacts, can support your needs in this regard, so please get in contact if you are looking for advice or require a comprehensive solution