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If you would like PMMS to manage your property, the company follows a simple four-step procedure:

1. The property

PMMS will inspect the property at your earliest convenience, speaking to the owner or co-owners to ascertain the level of service required and address any particular problems that may have been encountered in the past. Existing service contracts will be thoroughly evaluated to identify both shortages of provision and potential cost savings.

2. The lease or other tenure documents

PMMS will review the property’s lease or covenant documents to ascertain how charges should be set up and billed. Any potential legal issues will be identified and clarified at this stage.

3. Our contractors

PMMS works exclusively with independent contractors, sourcing the best, most professional tradesmen and suppliers. They must share our values and deliver the most reliable customer experience, and comply with all legal and compliance standards.
Once we have received information about any on-going service contracts you may have, we will use our carefully selected list of contractors to suggest areas of improvement for both cost and level of service – where appropriate.

4. Report back

PMMS will report to you on paper, with a timetable of services and repairs, a table of projected service charges per leaseholder and recommendations on how to improve management of the property. Any other issues that have come to light during PMMS’s investigations will be highlighted. Further action will be discussed at a face-to-face meeting.

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