Planned Maintenance Programme: Maintaining the Value of Your Property

When you appoint PMMS as your managing agent, we will conduct a site assessment of your property and advise you on any work needed to be done now or in the future. Your assigned Property Manager will agree with you a full schedule of works for health & safety compliance, planned maintenance, and preventative repairs.

This work can be included in the Planned Maintenance Programme for the coming 5 to 10 years, and budgeted for in the Annual Service Charges. In this way money can be set aside each year for the work, mitigating the need for large one-off service charge demands.

The Property Manager will carry out regular site inspections to report on the condition of the building, identify health & safety issues and monitor the performance of service contracts such as cleaning, gardening, maintenance etc.

If the work is covered by the block’s building insurance, the Property Manager will liaise on your behalf with the Insurance Provider.

When needed, we also work closely with independent Chartered Surveyors to carry-out surveys and draw up Schedules of Work.

PMMS is proud to maintain buildings in excellent condition for many years

a) Health & Safety

New clients of PMMS will be consulted on the need to engage Expert Contractors to prepare:

  • Health & Safety Report
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Asbestos Management Report
  • Electrical Testing Certificates
  • and any other reports legally required for your premises

All such Reports are a legal necessity and the responsibility of your Board of Directors to have and maintain.

PMMS can manage this liability for you by appointing Expert Contractors to prepare and maintain all necessary Reports.

Furthermore, your assigned Property Manager when undertaking routine Site Inspections will prioritise identification of Health & Safety issues, and when Health & Safety defects are found they will be given highest priority for rectification.

All site visits and issues are recorded.

Safety is our first priority!

b) Contract Management

Every service contract is tendered to the PMMS list of Approved Contractors. We are happy to add to our Approved Contractors list and take recommendations from leaseholders, residents and Directors seeking to appoint their own. You, the client, makes the final selection.

Approved Contractors are vetted for: up-to-date Public Liability Insurance, adequate health & safety policies, right-to-work compliance, and specialist licenses where required. References are sought for new contractors looking to join the Approved Contractor list.

We manage our Approved Contractor List with the objective of protecting Directors from liability.

Contractors do not pay PMMS to join our Approved Contractors List

c) Reactive Maintenance

Through our Planned Maintenance programme, we take a proactive approach, however, there are times when faults arise with the building, or from how it is being used.

PMMS will respond to issues raised by phone, email or through our ‘Report a Problem’ in the Leaseholder Portal. Our Property Manager may identify issues during Site Visits or Management Meetings with Directors.

All unplanned Building Repairs or Remedial Works are rectified using our Approved Contractors as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

You can track the progress of these works through our online Leaseholder Portal.

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