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When selling your home, one of the first things your solicitor will ask you to complete is the TA6 Property Information Form. Completing this form often reveals issues you were previously unaware of.
The TA6 form will ask if you have the documentation to prove that any notifiable work carried out at your property meets building regulations. At this point, sellers who have had electrical work done at their property often realise that they are missing an Electrical Installation Certificate, or EIC.
Written by guest author Chris Salmon of Quittance Legal Services, this article explains what to do.

The coronavirus crisis has presented an unprecedented challenge to everyone, nevertheless life goes on and the business of managing leasehold property does not stop. We have to adapt to these changed conditions with Property Managers working from home, Directors Meetings being held remotely using technology and much else. This article provides some guidance for the management of leasehold property under these exceptional circumstances.

During the ongoing COVID-19 situation we would advise that phone calls may take longer than usual to be answered due to reduced staff presence in the office. Wherever possible, please contact us by email or through our website contact forms. These can and will be monitored by staff working remotely allowing your queries to be…

Buildings constructed before the year 2000 may still have asbestos in a surprisingly large number of different building materials. It’s only when these materials are damaged or disturbed that tiny asbestos fibres can be released into the air which can be breathed in to cause serious lung problems later in life.

This article outlines the responsibilities of freeholders, management companies and their managing agents to prepare Asbestos Risk Register and Asbestos Management Plan.

In leasehold management, disputes may arise between the freeholder of the property and one or more leaseholders. This PMMS article discusses some of the issues that can cause disputes and how they can be avoided by an effective managing agent.

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